Wedding Reception

Getting married in a castle, absorbed in atmospheres of other times, is the last trend fit to marriages. Many bride an bridegroom to-be, are open to move in order to find castles, fortresses and period villas where to exchange the fateful “Yes”. A new vogue has affected English, German, American and New Zealand citizens enchanted by the beauties of our country, bringing them to choose fantastic places where to celebrate marriages or simple promises.

The Castle of Malcesine with its embattled walls, built in the living rock, lies in a picturesque position on the lake banks that inspired Goethe: the marriage room is just on the summit and from there the sight is spectacular indeed.

After the cerimony, to celebrate the newly weds, it is given the opportunity to organize a refreshment for the guests at the Restaurant “La Pace” that is the ideal setting to all that. Its perfect organisation allows the realization of both a toast in the Castle and a refreshment nearby the lake, not leaving out a refined banquet in a stupendous frame by the like side.

And for the married couple that doesn’t want to walk along the characteristic cobbled paving of Malcesine, the Restaurant “La Pace” offers the pleasant and exclusive “Ape” service or vintage car or Mercedes car.

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